I need some advice

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Posted by Doug on April 25, 1999 at 21:56:51:

Let me set up the situation:
My school currently has 4 concert horns: 3 Yamaha 321's and one Yamaha 641. I use the best of the 3 321's, and our other tuba player uses the 641. ONe problem: my first valve jammed seriously one week before district band auditions. The other two 321's had previously been used by guys who were heavy smokers, so it is impossible to breathe while playing on those two. My band director advised me to just use the 641 after our other guy had finished his audition. So there we go the school on saturday to audition, and i go up to jesse (our other tuba player) and ask him if i can warm up a little, because right then he had left the horn out in his car and was socializing. He asked where was my horn? I said i didnt have it that i was using his. He responded with several insults directed at me, and refused to let me warm up. It was a miracle i did as good as i did (i scored a 75). The next week my horn was still being work on, so i was using the 641. Well one day jesse came into the band room and saw me using it and got this weird expression on his face. The next day he caught me in the hall at break and literally told me to never use "HIS" tuba again. Thankfully my tuba got back form the shop that afternoon. He now ignores me as though i dont even exist.

Any thoughts? I mean, i thought we were supposed to be a section, not the jesse soloist with the dumb freshman standing there like an idiot.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


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