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Posted by Jay Bertolet on August 22, 1999 at 07:05:36:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Tuba for my son... posted by Steve on August 21, 1999 at 23:28:19:

I went back and reread my post because initially I thought you had misunderstood it. However, I guess I wasn't clear when I put the comments about thickness of metal and Mirafone in the same sentence. Thickness of metal is not the only reason I don't recommend these horns. Let me clarify what I think:

I don't recommend Mirafone or Cervany tubas for a relative beginner because I don't like the way they play in the role of a primary instrument. I believe both tubas are well made. I feel Cervany tubas are really best as specialty instruments and I own two of them in this capacity. My taste in tubas does not include Mirafone and so I never recommend them. Their sound just does nothing for me. Please remember that these are my personal opinions. Also, I would be curious to know if you have actually played a VMI 103. I have, as well as many, many Mirafones and in my opinion the Mirafones can't hold a candle to the VMI. In addition, the VMI is $600 cheaper than any Mirafone out there (as listed in the current Brasswind catalog) with the exception of the Mirafone 1271-4K which is a very small 3/4 tuba. I also have to say that I find it ironic that you even admit in your response that you yourself have purchased a big instrument which, presumably, you use consistently enough to be able to reminisce about "the old days" and what you sounded like on your old Mirafone.

I stand by my recommendations and I disagree with your characterization of my advice as "questionable".

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