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Posted by Joseph Felton on December 10, 1998 at 11:00:13:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Mirafone Eb vs Besson Eb posted by Sean Chisham on December 10, 1998 at 08:51:12:

This post has hit a bit of a nerve for me. I totally agree with the notion of using a 3rd non-low brass playing party to help guide your concept of sound. But why do you think it is that our own perceptions are so jaded? Do we listen differently? Should many of us modify our sound concept so that it is more pleasing to the majority of people? When I went instrument hunting this summer I brought my father along. He is pretty much musically illiterate but has always seemed to have a very good ear for sounds so I trust his instincts. I attempted to describe to him the sound concept I was looking for by playing for him various recordings. I played many many horns for him.. (he heard the same few pieces multiple times).. but when I got to the PT-6 his ears perked up and he said, "that's it!" In all honesty, while I found the sound of the PT-6 to be not at all displeasing.. I'm not certain it would have been my first choice. I also happened to like how it played so I followed his initial instincts. Since then I've
come to really like the horn a great deal. I've also matured as a player to a certain degree.. my approach to playing and my sound concept has shifted slightly. But it is interesting to note the comments I get: they seem to come almost exclusively from higher pitched instrumentalists. I've had a french horn player give positive feedback and a violist confused my playing with that of a euphonium. I can imagine no great compliment than being confused with a euphonium. The question I pose is this: why do you think low brass players hear their own instruments differently? Is this a bad thing?
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