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Posted by Larry Lilley on December 10, 1998 at 20:19:01:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Mirafone Eb vs Besson Eb posted by Sean Chisham on December 10, 1998 at 08:51:12:

You probably did not intend to do so but your response was somewhat condescending.
I have played BBb since 1957 and Eb since 1992. In performance, I am equally adept on either. Having studied with Harold Brasch, USN Band, John Burroughs, USMC
Band, Leo Hurst, USA Band, David Townsend, Richmond Symphony and other
fine musicians I have an appreciation of brass instruments and their characteristics.
Though I am an amateur, I have played for many years and am a graduate of the US Naval School of Music. This is said, not for self-praise but simply to indicate i did ride into tuba-town on a recent pumpkin carrier.

I must disagree with your comments regarding the "brightness" of the Besson Eb.
It was designed for the bright sound of the English brass band movement.
Two great players who exhibit a bright sound are the late John Fletcher and
Patrick Sheridan. The Besson is capable of massive sound and could function in a symphony situation quite adequately. However, the characteristic sound of the English Besson and the German Mirafone are different, regardless of the key in which the horns are pitched.

Not being familiar with the Mirafone Eb, my question was aimed at determinig if,
common sense would dictate, two Mirafones would sound more similar than a Mirafone and a Besson. While I appreciate your other comments, my basic question was not addressed. This forum would appear to better served if we answered people's honest enquiries rather than "pontificating" and digressing, based on the assumption that the one making enquiry is totally unknowledgable.

Thanks for your attempt to help, but it was not the information sought.

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