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Posted by Roger Lewis on December 13, 1998 at 10:27:38:

In Reply to: Yamaha F compared to B&S F posted by Michael Sanders on December 11, 1998 at 15:00:23:

I sold my Parantucci F tuba to buy a Yamaha 621S and I love it. The Parantucci had a stuffy low register which limited your options in certain solo situations. The Yamaha has great playability through the entire range with a low register that would make you swear that you are playing a CC tuba. In an orchestral setting it comes through very well and still blends well with the section. For solo work there is no comparison. I recently did several performances of Meyer Kupferman's Saturnalis, a very difficult piece for amplified cello and tuba and tehre is no way I would have attempted this on the Parantucci because of the extremely difficult low licks in the piece.
It works well in the quintet with a different mouthpiece (which is where ou need to be carefull because the deeper the mouthpiece the mor intonation problems you find in the upper register). I currently use a Schilke 62 on it and love it.
Hope this helps.
Roger Lewis

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