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Posted by Cazz on December 20, 1998 at 22:26:27:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: GG tuba posted by tommo on December 18, 1998 at 00:05:05:

More on "BBb, CC" etc., ...

Although sometimes people may (and DO) use the terminology "BBb", "CC"
etc., to refer to the octave, I still believe it is more generally
understood to refer to the bore, although I agree that this is an
ambiguous (and cumbersome) way to use these terms.

People say "single Eb" and"Single Bb" tubas to describe the
smaller bore three-valve student tubas quite common in schools...)

"Double e-flat and double b-flat" instuments are certainly NOT
one octave lower than the above mentioned common school band tubas.

Differences in language usage and the interpretation of "jargon"
can certainly be confusing! If the List Of Terms for Sean's site
ever becomes a reality, some terms may need more than one definition!

Another similar example that comes to mind is the American use of
the term "Tenor Horn" for what we in Australia (and Britain) call
a Baritone (same pitch, but not same bore as a euphonium).

Aussies and Brits consider a tenor horn to be "the next size up"
in the brass band saxhorn family (pitched in Eb one octave higher
than an Eb [or EEb] tuba).

Congrats to Sean for maintaining this site. My last posting disappeared
then re-appeared in triplicate (!!!) when the system was throwing a
tantrem. Feel free to tidy up by deleting all the superfluous postings.

I am such a novice at all this BBS stuff, that I wasn't sure if the
problem was something *I* had done wrong, or not.

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