Re: MW 2155 Intonation Problem

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Posted by Dave Tucker on January 07, 1999 at 10:46:33:

In Reply to: MW 2155 Intonation Problem posted by C. Templeton on January 07, 1999 at 08:52:48:

I own a 2155 as well and love it. I too have a problem with my 2-3 Eb being extremely flat (both Ab's are fine...weird!). I'm considering cutting my third valve slide and putting a pull on it but honestly, I'm a little scared to do that.

My horn was one of the first 2155's produced and am interested in hearing about the structural problems of the early instruments. I have had some problems with my joints. I believe there was substantial tension built into the horn.

I had a friend who had tension in his 2145 and sent it up to Dillon. They removed all the tension by unsoldering the whole horn and letting it settle. That was one of the finest horns I had ever played with unbelievable evenness.

Unfortunately, it seems a great deal of Meinl-Westons need some help coming out of the shop. But paying $7,500 for a horn with $700 of work to do afterwards is a good deal when, in the end, in my opinion, you have a horn that holds its own with a much more expensive Hirsbrunner.

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