Mel Culbertson 6/4 CC

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Posted by Matt G on January 08, 1999 at 17:02:09:

I haven't been able to look at this BBS in months so I was wondering if there has benn any talk about this particular tuba in question. About four years ago I played an early rotary valve model and was quite pleased. I played it next to a MW 2165 and in many ways I found it superior to the MW except for sheer power. I am looking into purchashing a horn this size however I would like some first hand reactions to it, espescially the piston valve model. I was quite intrigued to find that it is built in the same factory as the B&S instruments and having played some of there large tubas I have seen some similarities. One concern, however, is that a B&S PT-7P cost $10k+ while the Mel Culbertson cost circa $8k. Are they both hand built? I know that they use the same valve cluster, but the Culbertson seems to have a better slide setup. The majority of my current playing has been in a professional concert band, and my Mirafone 188cc is starting to feel small. I was thinking about switching back to a big BBb but I have grown to fondly attached to the CC feel and sound.
Mainly I'm looking for info on this horn, however I am open to any other suggestions to horns in the same ballpark, and why the are comparable. Please include your thoughts an sound, projection, evenness of sound, intonation, response, construction, etc.
Matt G.

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