Miraphone 188-5U With Lacquer Removed

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Posted by Max Mearse on January 17, 1999 at 20:42:39:

I am considering purchasing a late '70s, early '80s Miraphone 188-5U with lacquer removed. (Don't worry - I won't buy it without seeing it and playing it for awhile.) It's just that the horn is in Utah and I'm in Texas, so I'm doing what homework I can from here.

Sounds like a great deal from 1300 miles away, but I need some help with this lacquer issue. Questions:

First, does lacquer removal diminish the value of the horn if I want to sell it in, say, 20 years?

Second, how do you clean off the grunge (it's been in the case awhile)? Brasso?

Third, can some kind of (cheap, harmless, durable) protective coating (car wax?) be put on it after the grunge is off?

Fourth, how much does re-lacquering or silver coating cost? (Guess: At least $1000 bucks for laquer, at least $1300 for silver.) Does post-manufacturer refinishing work and is it as durable as the "factory original"?

Finally, are the Miraphone horns of this era comparable in quality/speed/sound production to the more recently made ones?

I'm sure these topics have been discussed before - but I couldn't find the info I need in the last six weeks of so of TubeNet. When the rest of the archives get up, it will be easier to research these questions, but in the meantime, Help!

Thanks a bunch folks! This BBS is a lifesaver!

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