Re: Miraphone 188-5U With Lacquer Removed

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Posted by TUBAdAMORE on January 18, 1999 at 03:22:41:

In Reply to: Miraphone 188-5U With Lacquer Removed posted by Max Mearse on January 17, 1999 at 20:42:39:

Does lacquer removal diminish the value of the horn? Hard question. Market value is set by us, the tuba buying public. For a York or an Alexander, no . For a Mirafone, yes but not much. (bearing in mind the market value is constantly changing, so it is hard to say what it will be in 20 years)
as for the question how to clean it, this was a topic of a recent thread on the tuba/euph list. This is one of the posts:

I have had my Alexander CC without any lacquer for 22 years. I have used
Brasso and a few other trys through the years but the best stuff I've found
is called Goddard's Heavy Duty Brass and Copper Cleaner. I got it from
Wayne Tanabe, an excellent repairman in Chicago. The application is very
easy and the horn stays shiny for a long time, I use it about twice a year.

Mark Moore
University of Illinois

There were some mention of people waxing there horns to keep them from oxidizing...
As for refinishing, the quality ranges from poor to better than "factory original". Take your time and research. If you must refinish, consider nickle plating. It is more durable than lacquer, & lower maintance than silver. (though not as shiny) If it were my horn ,and I liked the sound, I would not refinish it at all. (maybe I am supersticious, but I would be afraid it would alter the sound)
And for the last question, Mirafones from that period are better than the new ones; in general & in my opinion. (my favorite was from the early '70's)
Good luck, hope this helps.

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