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Posted by Dale S. on May 09, 1999 at 09:11:06:

In Reply to: M. Weston 2145 posted by Brian Ridley on May 06, 1999 at 23:58:35:

Just wanted to toss my hat in the ring on this before it expired. I have played several instruments of both the 2145 and 55. As with any tuba, consistensy is a concern, but I have found that both horns, on average, are great horns. Contrary to previous posts, these horns weren't designed to compete with Hirsbrunners, especially the 2145. The 2145, if you MUST compare, it needs to be compared with the lower PT models or the Yamahas. In that respect, the horn excels wonderfully. It doesn't have that $12k Hirsbrunner mystique. For every Meinl Weston I've played that had a quirk, I've also played a Hirsbrunner with one as well. Whether its the Hirsbrunners inability to project with its hollow sound, valves that wear out quickly or an out-of-tune fourth partial, these horns are NOT the Holy Grail. View the 2145 and 55 for what they are: an alternative to the overpriced "Cadillac of Tubas", leaving you with at least $5k more in your pocket for other matters.

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