Re: Embochure concerns

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Posted by ken k on May 27, 1999 at 09:14:08:

In Reply to: Embochure concerns posted by Jon on May 26, 1999 at 11:34:56:

Hello Jon,
I am a doubler, tripler,etc. My major in two college degrees was bass trombone. I now play more tuba than anything else, but I still do some musicals on tenor bone, some German band stuff on Euph, Bass bone in some big bands and bone ensembles, and of course tuba in quintet, band, orch,etc. I also teach trumpet and horn players at school so I am constantly playing those horns too, as well as clarinet and sax and flute (of course i would never consider playing them in public!) After 15 years of this my chops have become pretty used to just about anything. I will admit my consistency is not always what it should be and my high register on tenor bone or euph are not real strong, but I usually plan ahead. If I know I have a big gig coming up on bass bone, for example, I will spend more time on that horn for the week or so before it, etc. Same with the tuba, i do not always use the same mouthpiece, so if I know I am playng an orchestra or concert band gig where I will use the bigger mouthpiece, i use that piece more prior to that performance. i have found that to be able to double well has opened up more job opportunities for me . i live in an area where you can't make a whole lot of $ playing just one instrument. While playing is not my main bread and butter so to speak (I have a day job teaching in an elementary school) it is my ticket to sanity, and something I just have to do to live life to the fullest. It can be done. it is easy for some guy with a main gig in an orchestra or teaching at a college to say oh you can't do it, and i will admit I would probably be a better bone player or tuba player if I didn't always switch around, but I don't honestly beleive i would be a better musician, because all of the different experiences i get to perform in help improve my all around musicianship. Sorry to be so windy. ken k

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