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Posted by Kelly O'Bryant on May 31, 1999 at 16:54:22:

Hi Folks -

Many of us professional player/teacher-types have the luxury of a rather
slow summer season, and we take it off to go "elsewhere" and teach at
summer camps, etc. I'm going to be doing just that here in a few weeks,
but I need some help.....

The director of the camp I'm going to be at, who knows of my love for
sports, especially basketball (STOP THE KNICKS!) has contacted me about
teaching a rather unique summer course....

He would like for me to come up with a course idea that combines music
and athletics, and how the two are combined with each other, etc. How
music and rhythm plays a role in successful athletic execution, etc.,
etc. That kind of thing.....

I have a few ideas, but I'm kinda running into a wall on this one. Some
of my memories of music therapy classes are working their way through
the gray matter in the back of my brain, but I don't really think that's
what I want to go with in this situation.

So, I know there are lots of Ph.D. and educator-types on this BBS who
are probably far more suited for coming up with stuff like this than I
am. ANY ideas that y'all have are VERY welcome. Please e-mail me at:
kotuba(AT) with any suggestions, etc....

I have always kept my tuba and basketball careers separate, and I will
be the first to admit that my forte in teaching is in the performance
mediums - actually coming up with a class/course idea outside of the
realms of tuba/euph stuff and chamber music is an almost daunting task
for me ;-)

Thanks in advance for the help! I'm all ears.....

Kelly O...

Kelly O'Bryant
Tuba Soloist/Professor of Music
Annapolis, Maryland

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