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Posted by Beau on October 06, 1999 at 16:04:04:

I hope I'm not filling up the BBS with a question covered before, but...I have played on a Mirafone Rose model Solo MP for years now, probably because I've simply gotten used to it. However, it has been recomended to me and I am curious to expirement somewhat to try an "Orchestra" model. Now I realize Mirafone also (or used to) use model #'s C-3, C-7 and C-9. Which is which, and who sells them? Mirafone doesn't seem to have a website (entering the 21st century, guys)and I can't locate any local music stores (Dallas, TX) or online stores that carry them. It seems the local stores only carry the good ole Bach 18, not that there's anything wrong with that one. I have one - don't like it. I play a BBb Mirafone 186 5U, and I play in a couple of Community bands and another small ensemble. Any help would be appreciated.

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