Weril Euphoniums

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Posted by Joe S. on October 14, 1999 at 23:49:17:

I have watched the Weril Company in Brazil progress and and advance in quality over the past dozen or so years. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a four-valve Euphonium (non-compersating) and was extremely pleased with what was shipped to me. I am a music store owner (as some of you know) and a university instructor. I have already sold FOUR of the Werils to band directors and high school students who came in and either listened to me play the Werils or played them themselves. Because they are so dern CHEAP $$$-wise(!!!), I would say that they make ALL (new) 3-valve euphoniums obsolete. (Weril offers this instrument in a 3-valve too, but at this price point, why fool around?) And since the sound, intonation, etc. virtually EQUAL the Yamaha 321, I would say that Yamaha has MUCH to worry about, since you can buy three Werils for the price of two Yamahas. (Except for the Weril's bass trombone-sized mouthpiece receiver, the Weril looks virtually identical to the Yamaha 321, too.)

I WAS going to borrow a compensating Willson from a customer that I sold one to in order to have a decent instrument to do a tuba/euphonium double in a Broadway show in January, but the Weril will do just fine.

If this sounds like an ad, well maybe it is. I haven't sold ANY instruments to Tubenetters, so I doubt if talking this instrument up HERE will net ME any $$$, but I would just suggest to you band director types and high school students who can't seem to scrape up $1,700 for a Yamaha to look at a Weril. I think that you will be very pleased at what you find there.

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