Re: How do I open my sound????

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Posted by Andy Bryan on September 25, 1999 at 09:50:22:

In Reply to: How do I open my sound???? posted by Pedal BBb on September 01, 1999 at 21:06:12:

You may be pinching off the air supply to the lips with your tongue. You control the placement of the tongue by using the vowel sounds oh, ooh, or ahh, which will all keep the tongue low in the mouth, and out of the way. Vowel sounds like eee or ih raise the tongue, cutting off the air to the lips. Keep in mind that you aren't really vocalising these vowel sounds while playing. However, think about the tuba sound like a great singing voice using the low vowels. Also, a great way to practice is by playing on the mouthpiece by it self. Be sure to take full breaths, and use plenty of air when playing.

Also, when working on tone quality, play things that are relatively simple, in the middle register, and at a moderate volume, such as a nice full f. Develop excellence in the mid register and at a mid volume, then gradually transfer that excellence outward to the extreme upper and lower registers, and to the extreme loud and soft dynamics. The key here is to gradually work to the extremes, especially when playing in the upper register. Playing in the upper register without good support will be counter productive to developing tone quality. Good luck!

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