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Posted by Ryan Rank on August 19, 1999 at 22:46:56:

In Reply to: Tuba for my son... posted by Cim on August 19, 1999 at 22:18:57:

For a band instrument I would use a BBb tuba. CC tubas are for orchestra use, they are used because they fix intunation problems with the string instruments and they give off a slightly differnt sound. If you where to put a CC tuba in a band with BBb instrument you would probably have tunning problems. The BBb tubas will put off a darker and warmer sound than most CC(although they are making CC tubas now that sound just as big and dark), EEb, and F tubas. Also if he went onto a diffent tuba, he would have to learn all the fingerings over again. The only reason for him to get a CC tuba would be if he wanted to play in an orchestra one day or in collage. (I got a BBb because I didnt want to wait 100 measure to play five seconds worth of music in collage. Im going to go to band in collage.)

My mom got me a Cerveny 686-4 tuba for $2,995 new for playing through out high school. My lesson teacher and I went down to The Brasswind to try their tubas, we tried all the tubas under $4,200 including the CC tubas and we ended up with the Cerveny 686-4 BB it plays a little bit better than a Miraphone 686 ($3,500) and plays much better than the Yamaha (I think). The Cerveny plays better than the tubas that are $500 dollars more and out plays a couple tubas a $1000 dollars more. The Cerveny gives off a darker, warmer sound than the yamahas and miraphones at our school. All the notes are in tune except the third bar D, but that can be fixed by playing using 1,2. All the notes lock right in, the notes a hard to bend around, which is good. The high notes and low notes are easy to reach. The tuba is also free blowing and the valves are rotary type. A lot of the tuba is made out of nickle-silver, which keeps is from corroding.

I think that the 686 is a great high school tuba, I have been playing on it for 6 months now and i havent found any thing bad and I definatly dont regret getting it.

Dont get the 683, I dont think the sound is dark and warm enough and the sound isnt big.

Also you can get the 6864MR for $2,995 at the Brasswind.

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