Dark v. bright

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Posted by Brian on December 10, 1998 at 13:50:11:

What is a dark sound? What is a bright sound?
I feel that many people misjudge which adjective should be attached to a certain sound. I know that I have no clear cut distinction,which,given my age,is not surprising,but
surely there is some sort of way to easily determine the difference.

For me,a bright sound is one featuring a significant amount of overtones,while a dark sound is more of the fundamental.
To use widely known tubists' sounds I would say,generally speaking,that:
Fletcher=bright sound,
Lind=dark sound.
But then my own definitions fail me,what of Arnold Jacobs?
His sound had a significant amount of overtones,but I would not say that it is not dark.

Please,I'm just making very general statements,and I admire the sounds of each of the artists mentioned,but I needed examples to display what my concepts are.

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