why tuba?

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Posted by Dean Norman on January 06, 1999 at 15:56:56:

"Why do you play the tuba?"

That's the subject of this week's survey. To be more specific as far as what I'm looking for in an answer, I don't want to hear, "'Cause tuba's RAD!" or, "'Cause tuba is the best instrument there is!" Although this is true, I'm trying to get at something else. Also, I don't want to hear, "To pour my heart out into music" or like answers. I'm trying to find out why you chose the tuba over all of the other instruments as the one to pour your soul into. You can "pour your heart out/express yourself" equally on any instrument, so why the tuba? What makes the tuba the best instrument for you to perform your task on?

I tried to make this as coherent as possible through the head cold I have...UGH!

have fun!

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