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Posted by morris schneider on September 22, 1999 at 15:31:00:

I need help on selecting a tuba for my son who is just entering High School.

I've spent a fair amount of time looking at the archives of tubenet, and poking around the 'net and here is what I THINK I know:

1) I'm looking for a BBb tuba
2) Used ones in good condition are difficult to find
3) He needs to play the instrument BEFORE forking over $$$$
4) Stay away from the St. Petersburg

SO... What model?

Recent postings praise:

VMI 3301 or 3302
VMI 2103


I've seen lots of comments about Miraphones, mostly positive.

Local (Southern California) dealers seem to be steering me toward Yamaha, and I'm not sure why - price, maybe?

This is a major purchase, so price is an issue. However, I'm more concerned about getting a horn that will be a pleasure (or at least not a chore) to play.

Would appreciate your help and any input welcome. I know this has been discussed a lot, so you may want to email me privately, and not take up more bandwidth (pun intended!).

Thanks in advance,



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