play tuba AND trumpet ?

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Posted by JRTapes on May 19, 1999 at 13:15:10:

As we have already established, many of us start our music careers on trumpet, and after realizing the errors of our ways and after much repentence and wishing to be reconciled to the rest of humanity, we apoligize for our wayward behavior and take up a meaningful career and a life of poverty and obscurity by switching to the tuba.

A few years ago the small group I was part of lost our first trumpet, and wishing to help, I tried to fill in for awhile. Obviously my chops were bad, and other people were kind, but I knew the tone was awful. And needless to say, my range was limited and my lip seemed to freeze up by the tension of performing. I was fine in practice, I swear. So I quickly abandoned that pursuit, was reconciled again, did my repentence, etc., and have played only tuba since.

Lately, however, due to the tuba being in the shop, tearing up my house for renovation, and probably just a search for a little excitement, I've been flirting with the trumpet again. Well, I had to get it out of the closet anyway, and once it was out, well, you can figure out what happened.

So the question: Is anyone else on this BBS regularly playing both trumpet and tuba ? I realize it's sacrelidge to even make such a suggestion, please forgive me. But if you are engaging in such illicit behaviour, would you mind sharing what kind of trumpet you're using, and what kind of trumpet mouthpiece you think works best. And do you have trouble switching back and forth, ie. does your mind and hand flip out and start reading trumpet when you're holding a tuba in your lap ?

Thanks for any input, and I must go do my penance now.

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